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Saturday morning, we were accompanied by Mr. Marshall Jacobson, our guide, to go around Chicago.

His age was already fifty, but still have a good memory of the city of Chicago and everything related to Obama.

The trip is started by visiting Obama’s first office when he firstly came to Chicago. At the first time, Obama worked as a law officer, and that was the time when he met his ‘boss’; or supervisor, Michelle Robinson.

Obama lived in a small apartement, near the Kenwood Academy; an area of mostly occupied by black-skin and identic with jazz music.

There was also the house of Eliijah Muhammad and Muhammad Ali.

We went to Law School – University of Chicago, the campus where Obama had ever been a lecturer; teaching Constitution Law.

It was Prof. Douglas R. Bard who called Obama, knowing that George Pain, a white-skin man has a black-skin nephew coming from Afro-America who become a president of Harvard Law Review (president of the organization).

Prof Douglas had been wondered, because George Pain, a white-skin librarian, has a black-skin nephew; which at last he knew that the black-skin boy is George Pain’s nephew from the lineage of Ann Dunham, Obama’s mother.

Prof. Douglas called Obama and offered him to work as a lecturer in Chicago.

Obama who had already been a lawyer at that time, said that he was going to write a book about the votes of the civilian.

As the time went by, Obama even wrote his autobiography, titled Dreams From My Father.

Prof. Douglas wondered, because in his age of 30, Obama has had a desire to write an autobiography.

Obama worked in the room 603. There he wrote and prepare his lecturing matters. Oftenly, the room was closed because Obama has a habit of smoking that actually was forbidden in his office.

At that time, with all the limitations of his income as a lecturer, about $60.000 each year, Obama handled three jobs at a time, a lecturer, a government law officer, and a lawyer.

When Prof. Douglas was asked about what Obama’s key of success is, he said that Obama always come earlier and go home later. In the morning he always get exercises in gym or jogging; in the afternoon he plays basketball or swimming. Seems that it is Obama’s key of success in the future: SMART, DISCIPLINE, FIT. Obama is smart in time-organizing, discipline in the work, and physically fit because he likes and always do exercises.

Prof Douglas who signed up Obama’s salary agreements, discussed about Obama’s desire of proposing himself to the Congress of the Illinois. Prof Douglas and many of his colleagues told Obama:

“Don’t run for the Senate, you’ll never win..”

So did Michelle who hinted that if Obama had to run for the Congress, he have to make sure at first that it will increase his earnings for his family.

That was the matter Obama discussed for several times with Prof. Douglas in order to negotiate his salary increase..

Obama keep stepping forward to the Congress; and the result was… ABSOLUTELY DEFEATED.

Two candidates left him behind with an extremely different amount of voices.

But, failure is a kind of personal character examination. Obama keep moving forward, facing his failure gracefully.

He rearranged his strategy; to try again in the second chance.

And… His courage in overcoming his failure, then incised in the history…

Well, compasianer… This part is the first story of my visit.

The next will be the story of my visit to the Commnity Organizer: Center for New Horizon, a Non-Govermental Organization managed by Obama that affected Obama’s effort of approach so that he won the battle…

Regards from Chicago. 11.29 am

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