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Obama and his Social Organizations

Meeting Johny Evans and Dr. Karanza at the Center for New Horizon, a Non-Govermental Organization or a community organizer which concern with the community development based on family strengthening; as its motto: Building Community.. Strengthen Family.

Entering the room of an NGO that had been established since 1971… all of them were black-skinned.

Obama involved himself in that community, as his concern of his profession as a lecturer.

His ability of organizing the community will be part of his power of mobilizing the supporters.

Johny Evans feels lucky for knowing Obama in a long time; what he saw was Obama is indeed has a powerful potential to become a leader.

And because of that potential, Obama can run a leadership trainning for teenage and community.

One of the outstanding form of activities in that NGO is community garden, a garden in which anybody may plant and harvest the fresh vegetables.

That habit was also brought by Michelle Obama in to the White House until the present time, which their activities are creating a small garden and once invite the children to do gardening.

Dr. Karanzha said, that actually Obama have discussed about his desire for being a mayor of Chicago; but it has slowly dissapeared since Obama became a representatives.

It is the same way like seeking support in the community to get some support for being representatives.

Obama easily got a sympathy, because he always do what to do and do what is said (walk the talk). That is Obama’s character that lead himself to be a leader in USA.

His capability in organizing grass root community is one of his investation when he come into politics. And the politics he run can be such populist and supportive of the lower class community.

Well compasianer… Now… Obama’s social life had been blogged… Next is Obama and his houses…

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